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MATCO Services, Inc.

MATCO Services is a materials testing and corrosion testing company specializing in failure analysis, inspection, corrosion risk assessment, corrosion engineering, cathodic protection, and maintenance and repair for poles, towers and anchor rods. Our laboratory and NACE certified staff includes Ph.D. specialists, scientists, corrosion and materials engineers and technicians (AWS, CWG, NACE), paint and coating specialists, chemists, electrochemist, and other disciplines that form a solid engineering team.  Included in our lineup of services are the following:

Inspection and Risk Assessment  Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control Pole, Tower and Anchor Rod Repair Laboratory Materials Testing and Failure Analysis  Onsite and Lab Corrosion and Materials Investigations
Poles, Towers, Anchor Rods, Pipelines, Bridges 
 Cathodic Protection (CP) Design  Electric Power T&D Repair - Poles, Towers, Anchors   Root Cause Failure Analysis  On-Site Materials Damage Investigations
Corrosion Risk Assessment (CRA)
 Cathodic Protection
 Wireless Cell Tower Repair  Laboratory
Materials Testing
Expert Witness
In Ground Inspection and Corrosion Evaluation
Internal & External Corrosion Monitoring        High Mast, Traffic, Street Light, Sign Pole Repair  Metallurgical Testing  Water Treatment Corrosion Testing and Investigation
 Corrosion Degree and Prioritization
 System Wide Cathodic Protection  Sports Lighting
Pole Repair
 Fracture Analysis Concrete Testing
 Corrosion Rate Determination
 Cathodic Protection
 Wind Turbine
Tower Repair
 Paint Testing  Construction Materials Testing and Failure
 Direct and Indirect Inspection and Assessment
 NACE Certified CP Specialist, Technicians  Coating Repair
Poles, Towers, 
Anchor Rods
 Corrosion Testing Pipe System 
Corrosion Testing
 Corrosion Engineering, Inspections
 0nsite CP Investigations  Structural Repair Poles, Towers, and Anchors  Concrete Testing  Pole, Tower and Anchor Rod Corrosion Investigations
 Corrosion Remaining Life and Inspection
 Soil Chemistry Testing Laboratory Pole Restoration
Tower Restoration
 Electrochemical Testing  Corrosion Evaluation of Buried Assets without Extensive Excavation
 NACE Certified Corrosion Technicians  
Close Interval Survey  NACE Certified, AWS Certified, CWB Certified  Atmospheric and Environmental Testing Lab  Stray Current Evaluations

MATCO is your COMPLETE solution for
 Inspection, Corrosion Control, Maintenance & Repair, Materials Testing & Failure Analysis, and Specialized Testing. Since 1994 MATCO has assisted clients worldwide in inspection, analyzing failures, mitigating corrosion and identifying asset performance expectations.


Great report & excellent work. A job well done on all counts. A++++

- Advant Chemical

I appreciate the sense of urgency MATCO has taken with this project.

- American Video Glass Co.

MATCO is a pleasure to do business with! They are always ready and willing to assist.

- CPC Corp.

Great effort & response was excellent - my customer was impressed.

- Ionics, Inc.

Great working with you!


Excellent. We are very pleased with the report.

- PPL Gas Utilities

I'm extremely pleased that MATCO was able to provide help with my project. Two other labs agreed to do some analysis, but MATCO came through and provided me with exactly the results I needed.

- University of Pittsburgh, Anthropology Department

Excellent report with clear assessment of failure. CD was a bonus. Will recommend MATCO for future work.

- US Army Corps of Engineers