Renewable Energy

Assets necessary to produce and distribute the solar, wind and biofuels so necessary in supporting the world's growing energy requirements present unique challenges for maintenance and repair professionals.  Environmental stresses and destructive forces compound routine wear and aging on these components and must be monitored and addressed in order to protect and prolong their service. MATCO offers the unique qualifications and expertise necessary to become a trusted partner in managing your all-important assets.


Our team of trained and certified professionals offer on-site support and real-time data, qualified inspections, robust laboratory testing and analysis and 24/7 client support to assure the life-cycle performance potential is achieved by all assets in the field. Contact the experts at MATCO to determine how we can help you today. 

Enlarge Photo Renewable Solar Structures

Renewable Solar Structures

Enlarge Photo Renewable Wind Energy Inspection

Renewable Wind Energy Inspection

Enlarge Photo Renewable Solar Structures 2

Renewable Solar Structures


-  Fatigue mitigation for wind structures
-  Coatings repair
-  Weld analysis and non-destructive testing
-  Structural analysis
-  GIS mapping and cataloging of structures
-  Baseline assessments

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Great report & excellent work. A job well done on all counts. A++++

- Advant Chemical

I appreciate the sense of urgency MATCO has taken with this project.

- American Video Glass Co.

MATCO is a pleasure to do business with! They are always ready and willing to assist.

- CPC Corp.

Great effort & response was excellent - my customer was impressed.

- Ionics, Inc.

Great working with you!


Excellent. We are very pleased with the report.

- PPL Gas Utilities

Two other labs agreed to do some analysis, but MATCO came through and provided me with exactly the results I needed.

- University of Pittsburgh, Anthropology Department

Excellent report with clear assessment of failure. Will recommend MATCO for future work.

- US Army Corps of Engineers