MATCO specializes in telecommunication tower inspection, risk assessment, and providing the most advanced data management system available to our clients.  Our tower inspections are performed by NACE certified inspection crews that have undergone extensive in-house training by MATCO's senior level engineering team. These highly trained and dedicated inspectors have performed thousands of telecommunication tower and other asset type inspections throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond.  Data collected by our field inspectors using hand-held tablets synchronized with our in-house servers is analyzed by our engineering team to identify corrosion concerns, ensure accuracy, spot trends, and eliminate corrosion risk. 

Aging telecommunication towers are at an ever-increasing risk of corrosion and metal loss. A large majority were constructed in the early 1960's and are the self-supporting type made using hot-dipped galvanized steel. As a function of time, galvanized steel loses coating thickness to varying degrees based on the environmental conditions that exist where the tower is located.

The second largest group of telecommunication towers in the United States are the guided wire type that are constructed using regular carbon steel and have a protective coating applied. Regular repainting is required to maintain corrosion protection and prevent metal loss that may affect the structural integrity of the towers.  In recent years many cellular telephone companies have begun using monopole towers. These towers are less noticeable that other tower types, but should be checked periodically to ensure that internal corrosion has not taken place as part of a well planned maintenance strategy.

Degradation of buried grounding beds and grounding rings around towers and shelters is also a common concern to telecommunication tower owners. These copper grounding systems are consumed over time by corrosive soils and other variables.

MATCO specializes in telecommunication tower inspections and can assist with keeping your assets in tip-top shape. We invite you to give us a call, and give us a try.


MATCO understands the unique requirements of the telecommunications industry to ensure that these critical assets are safe and reliable. Our expertise in steel, concrete, stainless steel and aluminum substrates teamed with our NACE, ASCE, ANSI and TIA standards provides comprehensive, single source solutions for your asset security. 

Our on-site field evaluations are performed by engineers and technicians certified by NACE and trained in highly advanced protocols developed by Matco, the recognized expert in corrosion and materials engineering.  The data collected by field crews is reviewed and, based on test results and observation, our team of expert engineers are able to identify trends, develop conclusions and make recommendations to extend service life. For information about how MATCO can become your partner, contact us today!

Enlarge Photo Telecommunications Tower

Telecommunications Tower

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Telecommunications Failures

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Telecommunications Pole Failure


-  Communication Tower Inspection
-  Corrosion Inspection and Analysis
-  Failure Investigations & FEA Analysis
-  Cathodic Protection Inspection
-  Anchor Rod Inspection and Failure Analysis
-  Non-Destructive Inspection
-  Evaluation of Pack Out (Corrosion Build-up)
-  Paint and Coating Inspection
-  Technical Audit of Galvanized Pole & Lattice Plants
-  Remaining Life Estimation
-  Pole/Lattice Integrity Assessment
-  Quality Control Inspection
-  Computerized On-Site Inspections
-  Crack Growth Monitoring
-  Visual On-Site Inspections
-  Hurricane Damage Evaluation
-  On-site and Laboratory Investigation
-  Tower Mapping   

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