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Case Studies

MSHA Coal Mine Harness Analysis Report PDF264.35 KB Download
EPRI Paper on Boiler Tubes and WS ProjectsPDF228.87 KB Download
Aerospace Circuit BoardsPDF576.34 KB Download
BOK TowerPDF10.52 MB Download
Case Histories - Bok Tower, Utah State Capitol Dome, LOOPsPDF1.32 MB Download
DNA Sequencing to Pinpoint CorrosionPDF70.02 KB Download
Failure Analysis Case Histories Galvanized SteelPDF174.29 KB Download
Failure Analysis Case HistoriesPDF1.92 MB Download
Label Testing for PharmaceuticalsPDF103.71 KB Download
Metallography in Heat Treated ComponentsPDF274.08 KB Download
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion - Water TreatmentPDF2.21 MB Download
Modeling Robotic Failure by FEAPDF67.68 KB Download
Water Treatment - Case History - New York HotelPDF339.21 KB Download
Water Treatment - Case History - Pipe Corrosion Golf ResortPDF250.10 KB Download


Useful Links

The Voice of Transportation

American Society of Civil Engineers

ASM International 
The Material Information Society

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing 

ASTM International 
Standards Worldwide

American Welding Society

The Canadian Welding Bureau

International Concrete Repair Institute

Advancing Technology for Humanity

NACE International 
The Corrosion Society

National Association of Tower Erectors

The Wireless Infrastructure Association

The Coatings Society

The Telecommunications Industry Association

Wireless Estimator
The Latest in Telecommunication Structures


White Papers

SSPC Paper 10-02-14 pm V1PDF435.26 KB Download
MaterialsPerformance Part 2, APR 2014PDF3.00 MB Download
Materials Performance Part 1, MAR 2014 (4)PDF7.11 MB Download
T&D World - Don't Bury Your ProblemsPDF689.86 KB Download
Tier Testing for Coating SystemsPDF211.92 KB Download
A Re-Examination of Failure Analysis and Root Cause DeterminationPDF2.99 MB Download
Discovering Outgassing DefectsPDF2.01 MB Download
Failure Analysis of Paints and CoatingsPDF1.55 MB Download
High Temperature CorrosionPDF152.29 KB Download
Polymer Science 101PDF150.27 KB Download
Why Cathodic ProtectionPDF338.32 KB Download


Matco Electrical-WebPDF796.10 KB Download
Matco Services Inc-CompletePDF2.55 MB Download
Matco Telecom-WebPDF1.08 MB Download
Matco Commercial-WebPDF1.10 MB Download

Glossary and Industry Abbreviations

AASHTO                                               American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ACI                                                        American Concrete Institute

ASCE                                                     American Society of Civil Engineers

ASM International                             American Society of Metals International

ASNT                                                    American Society for Non-Destructive Testing

ASTM International                           American Society for Testing and Materials International

AWS                                                     American Welding Society

CRSI                                                      Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

CWB                                                     Canadian Welding Bureau

IEEE                                                      Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

NACE                                                    National Association of Corrosion Engineers

NACE International                           National Association of Corrosion Engineers International

NATE                                                    National Association of Tower Erectors

OSHA                                                   Occupational Safety and Health Administration

PCIA                                                     Professional Climbing Instructors Association

SSPC                                                     Society for Protective Coatings

TIA                                                        Telecommunications Industry Association

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Matco Complete

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