CEATI International - Transmission Lines for the 21st Century: Design & Asset Management Conference

Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadeh (Dr. Zee) will be presenting at the Ceati International conference "Transmission Lines for the 21st Century: Design & Asset Management" on October 1st at 9:15am at the Transmission Line Asset Management (TLAM) meeting and at 1pm at the Transmission Overhead Line Design & Extreme Event Mitigation (TODEM) meeting.

MATCO will also be exhibiting at this important conference (Exhibit Booth #5) and we hope to see you there.  

This important conference is designed to provide the electric power industry with the best available information on overhead line design and asset management issues, challenges and opportunities. The conference will provide a platform to exchange information on recent technological advancement and new initiatives. Key experts will deliver topic-specific presentations, followed by breakout sessions to discuss these issues in more detail. Each of these presentations will identify problems, gaps and further needs for research & development as well as point out new opportunities. A final conference report will be compiled after the event and will be made available to all participants.