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Aeromat 2013 Presentation

by Corby Bender | Nov 19, 2013
Aeromat 2013 Presentation by Dr. Zee on "Accelerated Corrosion Testing of Aerospace Materials and Life Expectancy"
A brief description of standard corrosion tests and their short-comings for the evaluation of  aerospace materials was given by Dr. Zee at the 2013 Aeromat Conference held at the Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue, Washington.  The presentation focused on quality control tests, with specific attention given to the scientific and technical concepts behind accelerated corrosion tests and their relationship with real-world service environments.  Dr. Zee explained that acceleration factors are necessarily based on an accurate scientific description of the corrosion failure process, and that several requirements must be addressed in the usefulness of accelerated testing in life expectancy determination.  A primary requirements is that the corrosion failure mechanism(s) should be the same as those which occur under normal service conditions.  Otherwise, the test lacks validity with regard to simulating the service environment.  A second key requirement is that sufficient scientific understanding of the failure mechanism should be available so that the test data can be analyzed and interpreted in a physically meaningful way.  Also, the shortcomings of the American Society for Testing and Materials' ASTM B117-11 salt spray (fog) test as a predictor of the service lifetime of aerospace materials, and the recent application of the ASTM B845-97 (2008) mixed flowing gas environmental pollutant test to simulate the actual atmospheric exposure conditions of aerospace components, along with ASTM G71-81 galvanic corrosion testing and ASTM G44-99 (2005) alternate immersion testing was also presented in detail.