T&D World Publishes "Don't Bury Your Problems" by Scott, Fagot, Dr. Zee and Dr. George Bayer

by Debra Riley | Feb 18, 2015
Transmission and Distribution World, a technical magazine for electric power utilities and suppliers, published "Don't Bury Your Problems" by Scott Fagot, Dr. Zee (Zamanzadeh) and Dr. George Bayer Jan. 27, 2015.  The publication describes how Dawson Power implements a cathodic protection system to address accelerated corrosion of galvanized steel poles.  Prior to implementing the system, a field and lab investigation was performed to determine the cause of corrosion.  The study results identified the root causes of the corrosion as soil corrosivity and galvanic action attributable to copper grounding.  A copy of the paper is located in the Knowledge Center of this website.