Cathodic Protection

 Cathodic Protection Design, Installation  and    Testing  Interpretation of Federal and State Regulations
 Pipeline Integrity Management
 Laboratory & On-site Investigation
 CP Troubleshooting for Underground Facilities
  Cathodic Protection Interference  
 Coating Evaluation & Failure Analysis
 Cathodic Protection Design for Restoration of Historical Buildings
Cathodic Protection Interference
 Computerized Close Interval Survey

MATCO offers a wide array of services to control corrosion and protect aging assets including poles, latticed towers, grillage, anchor rods, substation equipment, pipeline and more.  One of the best ways to protect assets exposed to corrosive soils or moisture is through the use of cathodic protection.  Cathodic protection effectively protects underground or submerged metallic structures through the use of a negative potential applied by an external source to the structure. Commonly, once the structure has been made sufficiently negative, environmental corrosion (soil or moisture) is resisted. The method is typically applied to iron or steel structures such as underground pipelines, storage tanks, the interior of water storage tanks, ocean pilings, and electrical transmission poles, latticed towers, grillage, anchor rods, and substation equipment. Buried steel structures will revert back to their natural state as an iron oxide without proper intervention.

MATCO has obtained a position of considerable prominence in the cathodic-protection field. As evidence of that, MATCO was hired to provide the entire gamut of CP services for the major liquefied-natural-gas (LNG) terminal in the United States where LNG from Algeria and other offshore sources in unloaded. The facility includes a mile-long submarine steel tunnel in which the pipelines and service utilities are located, all of the mooring pilings, the underground pipelines in the tanks farm on shore and other ancillary facilities.

On a more routine basis, MATCO provides CP services for systems from ones as small as an individual gasoline station tank system to major pipelines of many kinds. Contact us to find out how we can help to solve your CP problems.

Cathodic Protection Training

To promote better understanding of cathodic protection and materials performance in different types of environments, MATCO Services, Inc offers many different training and educational seminars.  Seminars can be arranged to be held onsite or at our location for a nominal fee which includes certifications.  During 2000-2005 MATCO has provided many seminars and participated in short courses for clients and associations, such as:  Appalachian Underground Corrosion Short Course (West Virginia); NASA Kennedy Space Center, IBM facilities (New York); Marco Energy Systems (West Virginia); National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE, Pittsburgh Chapter); and ASM International (Wisconsin and Pittsburgh).  Currently, we are organizing two seminars one on  Corrosion Engineering and one on Cathodic Protection/Coating for Pipe Line/Tank Corrosion Control.  Those interested in either of these seminars or future seminars should contact Dr. Zee at 800-221-9090.

Course Outline for Cathodic Protection

• Essential Background Review
  Basic Electricity for CP
  Corrosion as an Electrochemical Reaction
  Types of Corrosion

• Control of Corrosion
  Cathodic Protection
  Insulated Joints

• Measurement of CP Circuits

• CP Potential Measurement and Criteria
  Reference Cells
  Survey Methods and Analysis
  Criteria for Cathodic Protection

• Galvanic (Sacrificial) CP Systems
  Materials and Types
  Installation Procedures
  Test Points

• Impressed Current CP Systems
  Materials and Types
  Installation Procedures
  Test Points

• Stray Current
  Dynamic Interference
  Static Interference
  Examples and Mitigation Measures

• Records, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  System Information and Inspection Records
  Routine Maintenance Schedules
  Troubleshooting Basics

• Introduction to CP Design and Materials
  Basic concepts for CP system design

• Examples, Experiments and Practical Problem Solving

The instructors include NACE Certified Cathodic Protection/Corrosion/Coating Instructors, professional engineers, material scientists, and coating/materials selection/design specialists.

MATCO's Technical Notes on Cathodic Protection and Coatings

Cathodic Protection, by Dr. Zee, Dr. Gibbon, Geoff Rhodes and Dr. George Bayer, Internally published by MATCO Associates, Inc

Failure Analysis of Coatings, by Dr. George T. Bayer and Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, internal published by MATCO Associates, Inc.

A Re-Examination of Failure Analysis, by Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, Dr. Donald Gibbon, and Edward Larkin, internally published by MATCO Associates, Inc.

MATCO Provides Complete Corrosion Control Systems & Failure Analysis

Experienced PE, PhD Scientists, NACE Certified in Corrosion, Coating, Design , Materials Selection & Cathodic Protection Specialists who will solve your corrosion problems at both initial design stages and in service. We have been providing corrosion engineering services for over 3000 clients.

-     Corrosion Engineering and Cathodic Protection of Production /Transmission Facilities:
                            (a) Underground (b) Above Ground (c) Marine Environments
-     Corrosion Evaluation, life expectancy determination and cathodic protection of
                             electrical poles and transmission lattices
-      Corrosion mapping, detection of "Hot Spots", cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures
-      Explosions/Fire Investigation forensic engineering
-     Electrochemical EIS , DC and AC Testing - Determination of cathodic protection criteria
                              for non-ferrous alloys and stainless steels
-     On-site Evaluation of tanks and corrosion mitigation by protective coatings and internal
                              or external Cathodic Protection
-     Corrosivity determination of soil, water and determination of corrosion mitigation techniques
-     On-site coating evaluation and selection of coatings for specific corrosive environments
                                by EIS technique

The Next Step...While MATCO has the expertise and the technology to unravel even the most difficult material failures, your input is vital for a complete analysis. By filling out the service request form and giving us a description of the problem, you can be sure that all aspects of your problem will be considered. We’ll send you a proposal for your work, including methods and costs. Solutions are just around the corner!

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