Data Management and GIS Mapping


Don't be taken by surprise! The most efficient and cost-effective method for dealing with repair, replacement, legislative developments, resource management and liability issues is to put in place a comprehensive asset management and risk assessment program.


Nearly every industry has become acutely aware of the economic and strategic value of launching a data management system in order to have the ability to analyze and manage relationships and trends within their scope of assets. This comprehensive program can be used for better decision making, improved communication and record keeping and can offer the ability to answer questions and solve problems – often before the problems materialize.

MATCO offers a complete package of on-site support, data collection, GIS mapping and analysis and delivery solutions customized to your specific industry. Our team of trained and certified data technicians and extensive support staff provide expert analysis utilizing the very latest in technology in order to present the most accurate and reliable information. Additionally, MATCO has the ability to develop customized data integration solutions for your existing management software.

From small to large, simple to complex, we turn data into decisions to help manage your risk and recovery programs. For more information on how our data management and GIS mapping services can help you, contact MATCO today.

Enlarge Photo Utility Substation Inspection

Utility Substation Inspection

Enlarge Photo Telecommunication Tower

Telecommunication Tower

Enlarge Photo Utility Repair

Utility Repair

Enlarge Photo Corrosion


Enlarge Photo Utility repair over water

Utility repair over water

Enlarge Photo Sportslighting Failure

Sportslighting Failure

Enlarge Photo Renewable Wind Energy Inspection

Renewable Wind Energy Inspection

Enlarge Photo Lattice Tower

Lattice Tower

Enlarge Photo Helicopter Inspection

Helicopter Inspection

Enlarge Photo Coatings Lighting Pole Failure

Coatings Lighting Pole Failure

Enlarge Photo Aerospace Landing Gear Failure

Aerospace Landing Gear Failure

Enlarge Photo Utility Leg Inspection

Utility Leg Inspection

Enlarge Photo NDT Mag Particle

NDT Mag Particle

Enlarge Photo Sign Failure

Sign Failure

Enlarge Photo Light Pole Internal Corrosion

Light Pole Internal Corrosion

Enlarge Photo Water Pump Housing Failure Analysis

Water Pump Housing Failure Analysis

Enlarge Photo Aerospace Inspection

Aerospace Inspection

Enlarge Photo Cathodic Protection Wireless Monitoring

Cathodic Protection Wireless Monitoring


-  Baseline assessments

-  Real-time data analysis in the field

-  Secure, encrypted online data access

-  Compatibility with existing software and systems

-  Back-up and global data recovery capabilities

-  Historical measurements

-  Thorough quality control system

-  Data maintenance services

-  24/7 client support

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Great report & excellent work. A job well done on all counts. A++++

- Advant Chemical

I appreciate the sense of urgency MATCO has taken with this project.

- American Video Glass Co.

MATCO is a pleasure to do business with! They are always ready and willing to assist.

- CPC Corp.

Great effort & response was excellent - my customer was impressed.

- Ionics, Inc.

Great working with you!


Excellent. We are very pleased with the report.

- PPL Gas Utilities

Two other labs agreed to do some analysis, but MATCO came through and provided me with exactly the results I needed.

- University of Pittsburgh, Anthropology Department

Excellent report with clear assessment of failure. Will recommend MATCO for future work.

- US Army Corps of Engineers