MATCO Services specializes in risk based inspection condition assessment of aging assets including poles, latticed towers, anchor rods, substation equipment, oil and gas pipelines, bridges, wind generation, solar equipment, rail ways, and other asset type. Industries served, among others, include electric power, wind generation, telecommunication, and transportation.

Our inspection methods, designed by Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadeh (Dr. Zee), are based on sound, scientific materials and corrosion engineering principals that involve testing to determine: degree of corrosion; steel thickness loss; electrochemical testing; coating condition; soil evaluation and other variables.  This information can be used to determine the next level of action including repair needs, developing a corrosion mitigation program, or simply to base future inspection requirements upon. Best yet, these proven test methods and evaluation tools eliminate the need for extensive and costly excavation of below grade assets.

Our NACE certified field technicians and engineers are highly experienced and use the most advanced methods of collecting data from on-site inspections. MATCO's upper level engineering teams analyzes incoming inspection to spot trends, corrosion failures in the making, and to assist the client with decision making overall and as part of our inspection services.



Most inspection companies rely on what is referred to as a “look, dig, see” approach using a hand shovel to determine the likelihood of corrosion on embedded assets.  Unfortunately, this approach does not take into consideration the areas that are deeply embedded that cannot be visually observed.    MATCO’s innovative Knowledge-Based Inspection relies on the methods that have long been used in the pipeline industry including electrochemical potential values and soil resistivity to predict corrosion profile at lower depths.  This highly successful and proven methodology also includes identifying structures at risk of corrosion prior to on-site assessments, estimating corrosion rates, corrosion life expectancy determinations and setting a baseline that can be used for future evaluations.   As part of our KBI protocol, we also evaluate the above grade portion of assets as well.

Our team includes PhDs, registered professional engineers and NACE certified inspectors from a variety of technical disciplines including mechanical engineering, paint inspection, chemistry, metallurgy and materials science. We also have a comprehensive array of laboratory and field testing equipment, all calibrated on a routine basis in accordance with both national and international standards.

Utilizing the latest in visual inspection, laboratory testing, non-destructive examination (NDE) and engineering analysis, MATCO can be instrumental in identifying potential problems and helping to avoid catastrophic failures. Protect the people, property and assets in your care -  contact the experts from MATCO today.

Enlarge Photo Utility Substation Inspection

Utility Substation Inspection

Enlarge Photo Telecommunication Tower

Telecommunication Tower

Enlarge Photo Utility Repair

Utility Repair

Enlarge Photo Corrosion


Enlarge Photo Utility repair over water

Utility repair over water

Enlarge Photo Sportslighting Failure

Sportslighting Failure

Enlarge Photo Renewable Wind Energy Inspection

Renewable Wind Energy Inspection

Enlarge Photo Lattice Tower

Lattice Tower

Enlarge Photo Helicopter Inspection

Helicopter Inspection

Enlarge Photo Coatings Lighting Pole Failure

Coatings Lighting Pole Failure

Enlarge Photo Aerospace Landing Gear Failure

Aerospace Landing Gear Failure

Enlarge Photo Utility Leg Inspection

Utility Leg Inspection

Enlarge Photo NDT Mag Particle

NDT Mag Particle

Enlarge Photo Sign Failure

Sign Failure

Enlarge Photo Light Pole Internal Corrosion

Light Pole Internal Corrosion

Enlarge Photo Water Pump Housing Failure Analysis

Water Pump Housing Failure Analysis

Enlarge Photo Aerospace Inspection

Aerospace Inspection

Enlarge Photo Cathodic Protection Wireless Monitoring

Cathodic Protection Wireless Monitoring


-  Corrosion Risk Assessments (CRA)

-  Corrosion Control and Litigation planning, implementation and monitoring

-  Corrosion life expectancy calculations

-  Corrosion rate determinations

-  Failure analysis and materials testing

-  Paint and coatings testing endorsed by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute)

-  NEW Data Management System

-  Installation Audits

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