Material Analysis

Materials analysis involves the determination of the physical and chemical properties of all sorts of materials, solids, liquids and gases, of any composition at all. Out of the effectively infinite number of properties that could be measured or determined, the analyst has the interesting job of providing for the client just those that matter for their job.

  • Grain Size Determination
  • Stereology
  • Volume Fraction of Phases
  • Sample Statistics
  • Histogram/Graph/Data Reporting
  • Regression

  • Materials Analysis Laboratory Equipment:

    -  Instron, Model 1333, 110 kips capacity, Servo Hydraulic Test Instruments

    -  Instron Model 1332, 20 kips capacity Servo hydraulic Test Instruments

    -  Instron, 20, 10, and 1 kips capacity, Screw-driven System (5 machines) Model 1011

    -  Ametaco, 250 kips capacity Servo hydraulic Test Instruments

    -  MTS pc with Test Works 2.0 Software for ASTM tensile testing, compression, 3-point bend, 4-point bend, peel tests, high cycle and low cycle fatigue tests, fracture mechanics tests, and fatigue crack growth rate tests.

    -  Fatigue Dynamics Rotating Beam Machine for custom corrosion testing at elevated temperatures.

    -  Fatigue Dynamics VSS-40H Bending Machine.

    -  Satec Impact test(5-320ft-lbs)

    -  Instrument Impact test

    -  Shimadzu HMV-2000 Microhardness Measurement Unit with Vickers, Knoop, and Triangular Pyramid Indentors.

    -  Wilson Digital Rockwell and Superficial Hardness Tester

    -  Brinell Hardness Tester

    -  Wear and Friction Tests (Coring Machine)

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