Coating Materials: Characterization and Failure Analysis

  • Failure Analysis of Electroplated Materials
  • Engineering of Finishing Plant
  • Failure Analysis of Hot Dipped Galvanized Materials
  • Failure Analysis of Electroplated Components
  • Failure Analysis of Painted Galvanized steel
  • Failure Analysis of Continuous Galvanized Strip
  • Failure Analysis of Galvanizing Application Processes
  • Failure Analysis of In-Service Electroplated Products
  • Chromate Conversion Coatings
  • Failure Analysis of Powder Coatings
  • Non-Chromate Treatment
  • Galvanized Substrates and Preheat Process
  • Thickness testing
  • Specification Review
  • Chemical Analysis of Plating Solutions
  • Surface Preparation of for Coating Application
  • Plating Procedures and FA
  • Chemical Analysis of Electroplating Layer(s)
  • Welding, Soldering, and Brazing of Electroplated components
  • Accelerated Environmental Testing of Electroplated Materials
  • Acid pickling
  • Electrochemical Corrosion Testing
  • Metallurgical Investigations
  • Micro-Hardness and Adhesion Testing
  • ASTM & NACE Tests
  • Salt Spray, QUV, and Humidity Testing

MATCO Services, Inc. has the experience needed to solve the most difficult electroplating problems.  We have experience in all aspects of the application application process, from electro-coating and metallizations, to mechanical plating, barrel plating, electroless plating and zinc rich paints and electrodeposit galvanized surfaces.  Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to solve all of your plating problems. 

Not only do we understand the plating process, but we have also seen the many different types of plating failures in the field.  From improper surface preparation before the application , to the contamination of the  bath causing zinc adhesion failure.  The MATCO team has the equipment and expertise to solve your galvanized material failures. 

MATCO's Technical Notes Galvanizing Related Subjects

Some Failure Analysis Case Histories in Galvanized Steel Products,M. Zamanzadeh and Ed Larkin internally published by MATCO Associates

Discovering Outgassing DefectsM. Zamanzadeh, internally published by MATCO Services

A Re-Examination of Failure Analysisby Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, Dr. Donald Gibbon, and Edward Larkin, internally published by MATCO Services, Inc.

Failure Analysis of Coatings,by Dr. George T. Bayer and Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, internally published by MATCO Associates, Inc.

Evolution of Material Analysis,Dr. Gibbon, internally published by MATCO Services

Please give us a call or send us a service request form and we can discuss your galvanizing issues.  We can provide you with a quotation to perform either an on-site or laboratory investigation of your galvanizing and painting problem.

The Next Step...While MATCO has the expertise and the technology to unravel even the most difficult material failures, your input is vital for a complete analysis. By filling out the service request form and giving us a description of the problem, you can be sure that all aspects of your problem will be considered. We’ll send you a proposal for your work, including methods and costs. Solutions are just around the corner!